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We are an agro commodities agency export company, specialized in sugar, grains of corn, soybeans and vegetable oil with a consolidated experience in the brazilian market and business with several companies worldwide. We have several brazilian suppliers in our portfolio ready to offer service of spot and contract agreement. Our Company is prepared to deal with small and large size clients order, always offering an intelligent and secure solution to consolidate the business. We are willing to offer quotations of our products, send us your requirements and we will endeavour to assist you. Being based in the large plantation areas, we can access the freshiest food production available in large quantities.



Soja – GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) SPECIFICATIONS: Soybean: #2 For human consumption Quality: Standard export quality Test weight: 54 pounds per bushel, min Protein: min 35% Moisture content: max 13,5% Foreign material: max 2,0% Oil content: min 18,5% Splits: 20% max Total damage: 4% Kernels: 3% max Free fatty acids: 1% max Discolored seeds: 2% max Crop: 2017/2018




Milho – GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) SPECIFICATIONS: Yellow corn: # 2 For human consumption Test weight min: 70 kgs per hl Broken kernels and foreign materials: 3% max. Heat damage kernel: 0.2% max. Aflatoxin: not exceeds (10 ppb) max. Protein: 9% min. Foreign matter: 3.00% max Moisture: 13% max Other grains: 2% max Broken: 3% max Damaged including insects damaged: max 3%. Admixture: 2.00% max Packing: in bulk Radiation: none Crop: 2017/2018




Açúcar – (White refined cane sugar icmsa 45) SPECIFICATIONS: Sugar: White refined cane sugar Icumsa 45 Polarization: 99.80% degrees min Ash by electrical conduct: 0.04% max (on dry weight basis) Ash content: 0.04 max Moisture: 0.04% max Icumsa (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis): 45 RBU max, Brazil S.G.S. scale. Method n°.: 4-1978 Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing Color: sparking white Radiation within: cs-137 of 50 bq per kg Granulation: fine crystal Magnetic particles: mg/kg 4 max So2: mg/kg 20 max Sulphor dioxide: 20 mg/kg min Sediments: none Smell: typical and specific for sugar Reducing sugar: 0.05% max by weight Npn staph aureus: not detected in 1 gram Maximum AS: 1 p. p. m. Maximum PB: 1 p. p. m. Maximum CU: 3 p. p. m. Substance: solid crystal Tolerance: 5% (+/-) Fit: for human consumption Crop: 2017/2018


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